Räserbajs Historia!
Det står på engelska p.g.a att jag inte vet så mycket om räserbajs så då var jag tvungen att hämta det från http://www.spha.org/bands/raserbajs/ där det står på engelska!!


This band from small town Alingsås have been playing trallpunk along the lines of De Lyckliga Kompisarna, that is, varied and innovative, for four or five years now. Their first release was the demo "Klass mot klass" that was followed by the 7" "Drömmen Om EG", released by themselves in '92 (later rereleased by Kamel records, though). Both these recordings featured violin as well as the usual instruments, played in traditional Swedish folkmusic style, accompanied by fast 2-beat punk. The next release was another 7" called "Hår På Bröstet" and I think that also was released by themselves.

After this, however, they were picked up by then-newly-started Kamel, and in 1994 a CD-single called "Fina Flickor" was released, and sold so well that it appeared on the regular sales charts. In 1995, a single called "Jag, legend" was released and was followed by the full length CD "Noppriga Tights och Moonboots". A new CD-single was scheduled for autumn/winter -95, but I haven't seen anything yet. Rumours of a split up have circulated...